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September 11, 2008

Khartoum is attacking another camp

At 6:30pm yesterday, Janjaweed attacked Zamzam camp, killed five and displaced and wounded dozens of others.

The recent series of attacks is directed against displaced people in an effort to
dismantle camps and force their residents to flee. They cannot return to their villages because their homes and fields were burned and now Arab tribes from as far as Chad, Mali and Niger have occupied the lands.

Zamzam is located on the outskirts of El Fasher, where the headquarters of UNAMID, the UN/AU hybrid peacekeeping mission is located. Needless to say they are not protecting civilians .

A JEM spokesperson said UNAMID is "betraying Darfur people because
it failed to expose the criminality of the regime" adding it should
assume its historical responsibility. He also urged the UN Security
Council to hold an emergency session to discuss government violence
against Darfur IDPs camps.

They also said that this attack comes in line with President Omar
Al-Bashir statements that displaced persons should forcibly quit the camps, believing that
the closure of the camps will erase traces of Darfur crimes.

Just weeks ago Sudanese troops killed more than thirty IDPs in Kalma camp, in South Darfur.

Sudanese military attack helicopters and Antonov planes today bombed Amar Jadid and Tarni
locations in eastern Jebel Mara,. The numbers of dead and wounded casualties are not yet available but a school was destroyed.
Civilians suffered casualties and figures will be available soon.

September 10, 2008

Khartoum now attacking another camp

Sudanese government forces and Janjaweed militia are attacking Zamzam camp (south of El Fasher in North Darfur).
GoS troops in 8 armored vehicles attacked the camp, and the
attack is on-going as I write.

I was told many refugees were killed and injured,
others are fleeing for their lives, and some have reached El Fasher
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