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October 23, 2008

Did you know the current realities for women in Iraq?

I'm in Seoul, Korea. Yesterday I shared a panel with Rory Kennedy (whom I love and admire so much; she makes GREAT and important documentaries). The third panelist was Yanar Mohammed -- an Iraqi woman who is an extremely courageous advocate for women's rights in Iraq.

The eye popper for me was hearing her say that since 2003, since the US invaded Iraq, women's rights have slid down to an abysmal low-the worst in her life. She told us the new government is set up to include 30%women-but 98% of those women are "a part of the boys' club". I'ts back to the burka, no rights for women. Men can treat women any way they want-women are the property of men. Most women are no longer receiving an education.
I had NO IDEA. We leave THIS "democracy" behind? After ALL THIS?

We don't hear it because journalists interview soldiers, or they never leave the green zone. Ms Mohammed was living quietly and safely in Canada with her son for 10 years. In 2003 she returned to Iraq to help her country. She cannot move there without armed guards. She is not permitted to speak publically. So this was a revelation
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