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November 24, 2008

Listen UP-- This is really EXCELLENT!!!! Meet the XO-the perfect gift for a child or two

Thanks to Nicholas Negroponte's One Laptop Per Child, there are now 500,000 laptops in the hands of children in 31 countries. It will soon be one million. The laptops are being send to all the right places: Rwanda, Haiti, Afghanistan, Palestine, Ethiopia, Cambodia, Mongolia. Give One Get One is launched with Amazon as a partner. The little lap tops are TOTALLY COOL- perfect for kids 6-12 --they are virtually indestructible.-- you can actually drop them and at $199.00 they are miraculously inexpensive. Best of all we can give them to the world's poorest children.
Here's what the Amazon page says:
"Why give a laptop to a child in the emerging world? If you replace the word "laptop" with "education" the answer becomes clear. You don't wait to educate until all other challenges are resolved. You educate at the same time because it's such an important part of all the other solutions.

The XO laptop was designed especially for children. So no matter who they are or where they live, this computer has the perfect features and software to get them excited about learning. Just imagine how the world would change if every child had the tools to unleash their full potential."

So you can go to http://www.amazon.com/xo> and get one the next day or just give one. You buy it and they get it into the hands of a child in one of the world's poorest countries-- for $199.00. Or you can give a laptop AND buy one for the child in your own world for $399.000 . If you have the ability, you could give 100 or 1000 and even specify where they are to go! For example, somebody can buy 100 for a refugee camp or buy 1000 for a small town. The pricing varies if it is Darfur, Bogota or New York, with the developed world subsidizing the poorest countries of the world.
Here's a link to the video about the laptop
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