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October 20, 2008

108 Nepalese police arrive in Darfur

The Sudanese regime is caving in to international pressure—especially from the ICC.  They have finally admitted 108 Nepalese police officers of the 147 strong force arrived today to the capital of South Darfur. (the rest will follow on 21 October).

UN Security Council adopted resolution 1769 on July 31st which authorized a hybrid UN-AU force (UNAMID) consisting of 26,000 troops and police but so far it only has only 9,000 personnel.

These officers were preceded, on 23 September 2008, by an advance party of twelve (12) Nepalese Police Advisors tasked with assisting in the preparations of the facilities earmarked for the Unit at UNAMID Super-Camp and the coordination of the logistics of the contingent’s owned equipment (COE). Police Advisors are unarmed civilian police officers whose task is to conduct patrols, investigate incidents, monitor reports, conduct community policing in Darfur Internally Displaced Persons Camps (IDP) camps, as well as training.  They may be called upon to engage in high risk assignments and the protection of people in imminent danger, preventing attacks and threats against civilians, and in monitoring and providing security and protection in IDP camps, threatened villages, and migration routes.  Besides providing security, they will also assist UN agencies in delivering humanitarian assistance.
The Nepalese Formed Police Unit is the third UNAMID FPU to be deployed, after the Bangladeshi and Indonesian ones, out of the 19 such units mandated by the Security Council resolution creating UNAMID.

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