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October 15, 2008

Report from Nyala-Life and death in Darfur--a question of priorities

NYALA, SUDAN // A dozen trucks packed with corn, sorghum and other staples are lined up along the side of a dusty motorway in southern Darfur. These vehicles, which represent the difference between survival and starvation for more than three million displaced people, are sitting idle. The World Food Programme trucks cannot move without their escort. Finally, three pickups and an armored personnel carrier full of Nigerian peacekeepers sporting blue helmets and carrying machine guns arrive and the convoy rumbles down the road towards the town of Kas.
   During a recent spate of attacks in Darfur, the UN’s food relief agency has lost more than 100 vehicles. The increased violence has kept desperately needed food out of the mouths of a vulnerable population displaced from years of violence. In recent weeks, all food aid has travelled in heavily guarded convoys.

The Sudanese army could protect the humanitarian convoys (as they agreed to in UN RES 1769)  but they have other, more pressing priorities; they are busy attacking Darfur’s people.
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