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October 13, 2008

Sudanese Government forces building in Darfur

Resistance fighters from Darfur's rebel Sudan Liberation Army, and the smaller United Resistance Front, were ambushed by janjaweed  east of Muhajiriya on Saturday afternoon, said URF Commander Bahar Idriss Abu Garda.
"I lost one senior commander. Ten Janjaweed were killed," he told Reuters. "It is very clear. The government has been reorganizing the Janjaweed. They have been building up forces in the area. They want to create chaos in Darfur."

Earlier this week, the Aegis Trust put out a statement warning that Muhajiriya was under imminent threat of attack from a 300-strong Janjaweed militia that had been attacking villages in the surrounding area. An aid source told Reuters: "The only thing we can say for certain at the moment is that there is a militia in the area, that people have died and buildings in villages have been burned."

More than 45 people were killed during an attack on Muhajiriya in October last year. Sudan's government denied accusations they had been involved in the assault, despite  eye witness reports that armed forces aircraft had bombed the village.

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