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October 18, 2009
Subject: The children of Sderot-"We hope that peace will come soon and the world will be as one."

"First let me tell you about my city-Sderot. Sderot is a small nice city. But we live in a hard situation. We can't live normal life as children should live. We are afraid that the red alarm will work while we are outside. The minute we hear the red alarm if we are at school we get down on the floor. Some of us cry and our teachers try to relax us. If we are at school we pray to God that our family is safe and that no one was hurt from the kasam. (rocket)
And if we are at home we try to protect ourselves in a shelter or a safe room (home shelter) if we have one.
This is not a happy life.

We pray to God that the kasams will stop and that they will never come back and the whistle of the kasams will be replaced by the sound of birds and music.

We hope that peace will come soon and the world will be as one.
Thank you for listening. God bless you. "


Another child told me
"I am eleven years old. The kassams fell many times next to my school and we were very lucky that no one was hurt but you can imagine how worried and terrified we were. Its hard to learn in this situation but we are doing our best. "

Minister Isaac Herzog- better known here as ' Buji'- told me " The scars in the souls of human beings are terrible. Our main concern is the trauma of the children. "

Indeed the counselors spoke of children's trauma manifesting itself in sleeplessness, nightmares and bed wetting.

In the past 8 years 1200 rockets have been fired at Sderot. 7 civiians have been killed.

And so 'Operation Lead' was launched against Gaza on December 27, 2008.
During those awful 22 days, three Israeli civilians were killed. A school was partially damaged.

That operation left 1400 civilians dead in Gaza, including 353 children.

280 schools were destroyed.

" The scars in the souls of human beings are terrible"
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