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November 27, 2009

ABYEI: Bashir wants it all

Friday 27 November 2009
Link to full piece here.
by Roger Winter- former USAID manager and former US State  Department special envoy for Sudan assigned to follow Darfur dossier  and implementation of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement  

November 26, 2009 — Having visited Abyei on numerous occasions  over the last fifteen years, it has become a place that I regularly  go to see President Bashir and his National Congress Party at their  predictable worst. Visually, the destruction of May 2008, when  Abyei’s market and most of its homes were burned to the ground by  Bashir’s 31st Sudan Armed Forces Brigade, were, of course, the most  striking sights. Abyei’s civilians fled south, displaced once again.  To top things off, the 31st blew up the facilities of the Sudan  Peoples Liberation Movement, the NCP’s ‘partner’ in the mis-named  Government of National Unity. This wanton destruction by Khartoum’s  forces was followed by both Parties presenting their cases to the  Permanent Court of Arbitration(PCA) in the Hague. On July 22 of this  year the PCA rendered its findings which both Parties committed to  implement, including by properly demarcating the borders.
But the dark storm clouds of Bashir and his NCP, along with the  criminals of the 31st Brigade, are not far away. Both Bashir and his  NCP have a perfect record insofar as agreements are concerned; they  NEVER , EVER keep an agreement they sign. --.
The task of the demarcation team is to lay out Abyei’s boundaries  pursuant to the PCA decision. This involves working in the field, on  the ground and in the air, to plot out and mark the boundaries with  pillars and markers so that there is no question of the border’s  location. The plan was to install between 25 and 30 major pillar  markers along with smaller markers between pillars. So far, four  pillars have been installed, all in southern locations. When  visiting other areas for their preliminary work, the team has been  threatened with death and bodily harm. The process is now at a  standstill. The demarcation task was to have been completed in  November.
Bashir has publically made promises to the Misseriya community  about Abyei’s future. His promises are all at odds with the Abyei  Protocol of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement, not to mention the  decision of the Permanent Court of Arbitration. He obviously  couldn’t care less about demarcation. He wants Abyei and he wants it  all.

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