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November 22, 2009

The most abandoned children on earth

Many thousands of children in Congo and in the Central African Republic are accused witchcraft.   Such children are kept out of sight and often experience horrific abuse.  Churches perform ‘exorcisms’ which can include burning, starvation and severe beatings. In some cases the child has a deformity which brings shame to the family, or adults blame their misfortunes on the child.

 I took this photo in CAR. Incredibly the eldest of these two little girls is ten years old, her sister is 8.  The two are no bigger than an average 4 year old in the US. The older child has a ‘club foot”.  A simple surgery could fix it here, but in CAR the child and her sister are accused of witchcraft and doomed to a life of isolation, abuse and scorn.

I don’t know why so many children in CAR are born with a club foot but this is the case, and no surgeon in CAR is skilled in this type of surgery.

Calling all orthopedic surgeons. Is someone willing to go to CAR ?  This is a chance to help many young lives.  Unicef in CAR could identify and gather the children.   I would gladly purchase your ticket.

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