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December 8, 2009

Gallery of rogues; John Crawley, Chris Huber

Excerpt from the new UN report:

175. The Group has been informed by several international buyers that African
Ventures Ltd. operates as a middleman for
Chris Huber. Mr. Huber is a Swiss
who has been widely cited by various government officials and in
public reports as having been
involved in the large-scale transport of coltan out of
the Democratic Republic of the Congo
and Rwanda during the period of the
Rwandan-backed RCD-Goma rebel occupation in eastern Democratic Republic of
the Congo during the period 1998-2003. During this time Mr. Huber worked with
Rwanda Metals, a company then managed by Tri-Star Investments, a company
which was in turn set up by RPF.
176. The Group contacted Mr. Huber, who explained in writing that he acts as a
"consultant" for African Ventures Ltd. in Hong Kong, China. The Group has
confirmation that
Mr. Huber is also a consultant for a company called Refractory
Metals Mining Company Ltd. (RMMC
), which is based at Shing Wan Road in Hong
Kong, China, the same street as African Ventures Ltd. (annex 61), and which is a
known supplier to the Thailand Smelting and Refining Company Ltd. (Thaisarco),
held by Amalgamated Metal Corporation (AMC), a United Kingdom entity. The
director of RMMC is John Crawley, who is also a director of the tantalum
processing company, Niotan Inc.,
in Nevada, United States. Mr. Crawley confirmed
that Mr. Huber works for RMMC.
JOHN CRAWLEY in Nevada 775 246 4480
Tell him to stop dealing in conflict minerals in Congo.

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