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December 6, 2009

Rwanda: Govt Blames Sudan for Murder of 5 Peacekeepers in Darfur this week

Kigali — Rwanda has accused the Khartoum government of being behind the ambush in which three RDF peacekeepers were killed and two injured at Saraf Umra in Darfur on Friday.
Hours later, two more peacekeepers were killed in a separate attack yesterday; the RDF spokesman Maj. Jill Rutaremara told The Sunday Times that there is no known presence of rebel activity in the area where the ambush took place. He pointed out that the ambush took place 300 metres from the Government Forces' check point.
"The proximity of the ambush to the checkpoint manned by the government forces raises some questions. The only logical conclusion the RDF can make is that the RDF Peacekeepers were killed and injured by the government forces," said Rutaremara.

He revealed that the second attack in which two soldiers died yesterday were carried out by gunmen dressed in civilian clothes in Shagilitobay where they were supplying water to Internally Displaced Persons, the army spokesman said,
"There is nothing that immediately points an accusing finger to the Government forces in the Shangilitobay case apart from the coincidence of timing.""More investigations are needed in this second case to establish the identity of the perpetrators," he added.

Rwanda has over 3,500 troops serving under the UN-AU hybrid force, UNAMID as well as UNMIS.
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