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December 29, 2009

Still no copters-' If we all honestly say we do care for Darfurians we would do better."

After two agonizing years UNAMID, the UN peacekeeping force  tasked with providing protection  for Darfur’s people, now has 77% of the 26,000 troops.  
Force commander Patrick Nyamvumba told Reuters, "Now the biggest issue is no longer the numbers -- we have the boots on the ground, For us to be able to deliver we don't have to get 100 percent — 77 percent is good enough to make a difference." The biggest problem facing the peacekeepers is the lack of helicopters.  UNAMID has been imploring the United Nations member states to provide helicopters but thus far have yet to contribute a single one.
Ethiopia pledged five helicopters, possibly they will arrive next month, but no others have been promised and the commander says he needs at least 18 to do the job and keep his troops safe. "We cannot deliver the mandate without the necessary equipment." he said. "It's like sending somebody to the (boxing) ring and then you tie one of their hands at the back and you expect them to perform at 100 percent capability," he said. "If we all honestly say we do care for Darfurians we would do better."
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