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January 27, 2010

Remarks by Ambassador Susan Rice

“We also stressed that the insecurity in the South – while it is the responsibility of the government of South Sudan to provide security for its people, just as it is the responsibility of the government of Sudan to do so throughout the country – is being exacerbated by an inflow of weapons and munitions. And this is not something that is happening by osmosis, it is something that is happening deliberately. And we are very interested in knowing, and the Council being made aware of, the source of the flow of weapons.--
With respect to the weapons, we heard today from the UN that it is not just small arms but some heavier munitions that seem to be flowing in. We weren't given specifics on that. But we have seen, in the violence that is taking place in the South, a higher degree of sophistication and lethality of the weapons employed, and that's a source of concern.--
I think the issue is to find out what is the principle source, what is the motivation behind the flow of those weapons. Is this simply small arms trafficking of the sort that we see throughout the continent or is it actually a deliberate effort to sow instability’

Link to State Dept transcript


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