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January 7, 2010

Sudanese army has resumed daily bombardments in Darfur since the beginning of the New Year killing civilians

Sudanese military Antonov aircrafts bombed, on a daily basis, civilian and rebel targets in West Darfur state since Sunday,3 January.
Speaking via satellite telephone Al Tigani Kurshaom, a JEM commander in the area, told the Sudan Tribune that three children and two women were killed during the Antonov attacks as well as hundreds of camels belonging to the nomads in the areas.
"We regret that these indiscriminate attacks target mainly civilians and their livestock", said the deputy head of JEM's nomad division, who belongs to Darfur Arab tribes.

The rebel official further urged international protection of Darfur nomads, saying Khartoum is targeting them now after their refusal to implement Khartoum's plans in the region. "Khartoum government is targeting the Arabs after they decided to join their hands with the rest of Darfur tribes. We are against the marginalization and the genocide of Darfuri because we are part and parcel of this region."

"The army now is attacking our people and the international community has to stop this new genocide, particularly the (UN/AU peacekeeping mission) UNAMID which has to protect the civilians," he stressed.

Excerpt from a Sudan Tribune article linked here.
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