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February 21, 2010

I met these women in the Central African Republic. After their village was attacked they fled deep into the bush.

Joseph Kony and his Lord's Resistance Army have struck again in the Central African Republic . Witnesses in the remote eastern town of Rafai report that on Friday at nightfall, at least 40 armed men raided a Catholic church. "Two people were murdered with machetes and clubs and 14 people were severely wounded", Desire Gassi, a local resident, told Reuters by telephone Saturday. A radio broadcaster, Clement Loutemboli said the rebels had used machetes and clubs instead of guns to avoid alerting an army base several miles away. They abducted about 30 hostages and used them to carry their spoils into the brush. They are believed to be heading for Baroua, 147 km from Rafai.

The LRA was founded by Joseph Kony in Uganda in1988. Without any political agenda, it is the most senselessly barbaric guerrilla army in the world. Although some LRA rebels have been disarmed by U.N.-backed Congolese soldiers, they continue to attack, plunder, mutilate, abduct and terrorize civilians in Congo, Sudan and CAR. This is the third LRA attack in the last two weeks.

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