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February 25, 2010

What peace?

While the world celebrates a "ceasefire" agreement between the Sudanese Government and the JEM rebel group, and President Omer al-Bashir loudly claims that "war is over" in Darfur, aid workers report a different story. There has been a surge of fighting in the Jebel Marra region in the center of Darfur which had has caused at least 100,000 people to flee.

"Heavy fighting was going until late into the night," said SLA rebel spokesman Ibrahim al-Hillu. "The government attacked in huge numbers backed up by Antonovs, helicopter gunships and MiGs (aircraft). This is the peace the government is offering."
The French aid group Medecins du Monde said late yesterday it has suspended operations because of the fighting in Jebel Marra.

These accounts, by both aid workers and rebels, raise serious questions about the sincerity of Khartoum's so called ceasefire and peace proposals.

In the past month more than 1,500 people had already been displaced by increased fighting in the western part of Darfur. Because of the violence few aid agencies have been able to reach them to provide desperately needed rations and supplies. According to the United Nations report, the displaced people have sought refuge in Thur, West Darfur, after violence forced them to flee from their villages.
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