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August 19, 2010

A death in the family

My dear brother Mubarak Saad passed away in N'Djamena early this morning. He was working in his field when he fell ill. His wife was with him but there was no vehicle and of course no ambulance to call.
So many people have written to pay tribute to this fine man. He was a refugee from Darfur who lived in Chad where he risked his life over and over again to bring journalists and humanitarians to the refugee camps along the anarchic and violent Darfur/Chad borderland so that they could bear witness to the suffering there. Mubarak was all about respect. Here are a few words from the many who love and honor him.

" He broke my heart and I had the daunting task of spreading the news to our family in Sudan and around the world. We miss him: his big heart, his unwavering support to the Darfur cause, and his noble demeanor. May he rest in peace"” Omer

How tragic, and ironic that after all those trips to dangerous parts, he should die tending his field.
"I will think of him today, and recall his friendliness, to a stranger, his professionalism, and the quiet comforting competence he brought to the most difficult of situations.
"He looked after everybody. The first time I worked with him, -the one during which we were detained as spies. I recall him quietly making the case that I continue to pay our taxi drivers who were actually jailed for a few nights. He didn't have to make much of an argument, I was, of course, willing to pay them, but it is a measure of the man that he brought it to my attention.

"And I will always remember him trying to pull our jeeps out of that wadi. From all I knew of him he was an immensely decent, brave and trustworthy man. A legacy we can all aspire to attain." neil

For as long as he knew you (me) , and when ever we get together or talk over the phone, I don't recall one time that he forgot to ask about you, or tell me how much he loved you. Once I told him that I haven't talked to you for some time, he said to me " common Omer, you both are in America. How come that you don't ask about your sister all this time?" He always thought about others before thinking of himself, and like my younger brother Khalil, his class-mate since kindergarten put it "he has always been the best among all of us".
He will always be remembered as the one person with a smile that never fades. We will miss him, forever...."
Our brother Omer broke the terrible news to the rest of us.
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