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August 11, 2010

Massive crisis in Pakistan but little news coverage in USA. Shamefully, not a word about it on ABC evening news or on Good Morning America

GENEVA/ISLAMABAD, 11 August 2010 - As the figures continue to rise, UNICEF
says that 6 million children have been affected by the floods in Pakistan;
 some 2.7 million in need of urgent,  life-saving assistance.

According to UN estimates, a total of 14 million people have been affected
by the flood crisis. Hundreds of thousands have received humanitarian aid,
but millions more urgently need shelter, food, water, and health care. The
flooding could worsen considerably in the coming days, especially in parts
of Sindh.

"This is the biggest natural disaster to hit Pakistan and this region in
living memory, bigger than the Tsunami or the 2009 earthquake, with
millions of children and women struggling to survive in dire conditions. It
is a race against time as we rush to deliver supplies to affected
populations. The waters are still rising and we are bracing for flood waves
as rivers overflow and the rains continue," said Martin Mogwanja, UNICEF
Representative in Pakistan.

"Shelter is the most urgent need, while food, water, and health care are
also critical. Right now we need to save lives and create temporary living
conditions for the 1.8 million homeless. It is a massive task and we are
not there yet."
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