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September 26, 2010

Viciousness of Rapes in Congo "defy belief"


The UN's human rights chief, Navi Pillay says the "scale and viciousness" of mass rapes in DR Congo "defy belief", as a report on the attack was released.
Navi Pillay said that, even for the region, the incident stood out because of the "extraordinarily cold-blooded and systematic way" it was carried out.
Lat month 200 armed militia entered a cluster of villages and cut off phone lines and exit paths. 235 women, 52 girls, 13 men and three boys - were raped "multiple times" - more than than 900 homes were looted, and 116 people were abducted. Those numbers are likely to rise because the UN investigating team has says 6 of the 13 villages are inaccessible because of "serious security problems". UN spokesperson Rupert Colville said that attacks were still going on in some regions. The UN peacekeeping force has been severely criticized for its failure to protect the villagers. But if the attacks are ongoing why aren't they going in NOW?

The rebel groups responsible
  • Mai Mai Cheka: Small rebel group commanded by Col Cheka and based around Mubi and Njigala, Walikale
  • Democratic Liberation Forces of Rwanda (FDLR): Group of mostly ethnic Hutus opposed to Tutsi rule and influence in the region
  • Col Emmanuel Nsengiyumva: A Tutsi officer who used to be in the CNDP rebel group and defected in 2009, starting his own small armed group

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