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October 20, 2010

We've known this for so long-

Exclusive: Sudan blocks UN agency from releasing child malnutrition data

By Radio Dabanga -- KHARTOUM(20 Oct.) -

UNICEF in Sudan expressed concern that the Sudanese government "very often" bars the release of data on child malnutrition in Darfur. Nils Kastberg, UNICEF Representative in Sudan, said that the Sudanese security services have also hindered or delayed UNICEF's access to camps in Darfur.


Kastberg told Radio Dabanga: "Part of the problem has been when we conduct surveys to help us address issues, in collaboration with the ministry of health, very often other parts of the government such as the humanitarians affairs commission interferes and delays in the release of reports, making it difficult for us to respond timely."-


Kastberg also pointed out that certain government agencies hinder the entry of UNICEF staff into the camps. "Sometimes it is security services that hinder access or delay access, sometimes it is the humanitarian affairs office that delays the release of nutritional surveys. Sometimes it is delays in granting permissions and visas.  It is different sections of different institutions which interfere in our work." 


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