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November 4, 2010

Sudanese military attacks upon civilians continue

Radio Dabanga: Wounded survivors of the most recent militia attack in central Darfur have arrived at the hospital in El Fasher. The 18 people were wounded by gunmen dressed in military uniforms and riding on camels. The attack occurred on Monday in Tina, three kilometres northwest of Tawila in central Darfur.The victims were transferred to the hospital in El Fasher. They were shot while traveling in a car from a displaced camp in Tawila on the way to a market. Four people died including a child.

Among the wounded are Abdelaziz Muhajir Adam, Abakr Mohamed Saleh, Sadig Mohamed Mustafa, Abdelrahman Ahmed Ibrahim, Sadig Mohamed Bakush, Adam Abdelkarim Motar, and Abdalaziz Adam Ibrahim.

After the prevoius massacre in the area, an international medical NGO in Tawila treated 46 men, many of whom had serious gunshot wounds. They were shot on 2 September 2010 in Tabara market. Approximately 50 to 60 people were killed at the market on that day. Some of the victims were forced to lie down and shot in the head at point blank range. Others were tied behind vehicles and dragged to death, according to witness accounts.

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