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January 22, 2011

What is going on in Darfur? -Antonov bombers are flying almost daily over the Khor Abece area in south Darfur

On Dec 18,2010 The the White House issued the following statement.
"The United States is deeply concerned about reports that the Sudanese Armed Forces attacked and burnt the village of Khor Abeche in South Darfur. According to the United Nations, the attacks left many injured, some dead, and thousands displaced. The United States condemns this attack on civilians.

This attack comes at a time that we are also seeing increased evidence of support to militant proxies from the Governments of Sudan and Southern Sudan. All Sudanese leaders have a responsibility to protect civilian populations - to do otherwise is unacceptable. As the January 9, 2011 referendum on the status of Southern Sudan approaches and Sudanese leaders engage in discussions about their future relationship with the international community, the Governments of Sudan and Southern Sudan must accept this fundamental responsibility."
Mike Hammer, spokesman of the National Security Council

On Jan 5 Radio Dabanga reported Warplanes fly over Kutum, heavy activity at El Fasher airport
5 Jan
MiG warplanes in the skies over Kutum provoked fears on Tuesday among the local population. Displaced persons, especially in Kassab Camp, were afraid that the flights of the aircraft might bring military battles and attacks.

Witnesses told Radio Dabanga that fears had also increased on Monday evening when a major military force was seen north of Kutum, which shot in the air when it encountered civilians. Witnesses in El Fasher on Monday also noticed unusual activity of Antonov and MiG fighter aircraft, taking off and landing continuously at the airport in El-Fasher Airport.

Through Radio Dabanga on January 22nd we learn that refugees in the area of Khor Abeche, South Darfur, express fear of renewed fighting and report 'almost daily flights of Antonov aircraft' in the region's skies.
The displaced persons said they also fear the spread of diseases due to lack of food rations and the deteriorating health environment and crowding of 12000 people.
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