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February 26, 2011

Chronicling an on-going genocide

25 Feb        
Antonov aircraft, MiGs and helicopters bombed in support of government forces and allied militias yesterday morning east of Jebel Marra. A witness told Radio Dabanga that two Antonovs, two MiGs and two helicopters fired a volley of missiles at 11:00 yesterday at Wadi Mura, Tangarara, Tagala, Magalei and Kokai. They were supported on the ground by a force with more than 150 vehicles

Citizens of more than 15 villages, including Tangarara, Himeidiya, Sharafa, Abuguja, Arda, and Kandaro fled to hide in the mountains, valleys and plains around the villages. The aircraft continued to bomb in the areas until yesterday evening.
Confirming reports of displacement, residents of camps north of Nyala say that over the past few days they received people fleeing from killings and bombings taking place in the areas of Shangil Tobaya and Khor Abeche. Witnesses in the camp said that each day about four vehicles loaded with refugees arrive at the camps. They noted the importance of providing emergency shelter to the new arrivals, especially given the low temperatures this time of year.
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