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May 16, 2011

Khartoum mourns death of Bin Laden and calls for jihad against infidels, crusaders, Jews, America and its supporters.

Following outbreak of news regarding death of Bin Laden, Al-Bashir's regime came pretty close to shutting down Sudan by way of official mourning of Bin Laden. The speaker of Khartoum's National Assembly Ahmed Ibrahim Tahir addressed a Parliamentary Session praising Bin Laden as a Mujahid (holy fighter) and described the US war on terror as "genocide against Muslims".

The Speaker's speech was interrupted by MPs who chanted Martyr, Martyr, in reference to Bin Laden.The Parliamentary mourning was also echoed at the public level by Al-Bashir's inner circle. Public prayers for Bin Laden were organized and performed in a central park in Khartoum. The overseers of the prayers were the usual staunch supporters of the regime. It included Head of Just Peace Platform Al-Tayib Mustafa. The latter is an uncle and confidant of Al-bashir, who is well known for his hatred of almost every thing: the USA, Europe, Israel, South of Sudan, Darfur and of course the ICC. The prayers were accompanied by inauguration of Brigade of Bin Laden which many Mujahideen joined on the spot.

In their public payers, Abdel Haye hailed Bin Laden as Mujahid who abandoned earthy life for the sake of God and whose legacy will live in the hearts of Muslims and inspire them to answer call for jihad against infidels, crusaders, Jews, America and its supporters.

Hamza joined in the frenzied attack on the USA and challenged Muslim rulers to become like Bin Laden. He further invited them to commission arms and soldiers under their authority to fight the infidel enemies of Islam and liberate Jerusalem. Sheikh Attia Mohamed Saeed, another member of Sudan's Official Association of Muslim Ulama, affirmed determination of his followers to follow Bin Laden's path, involve in jihad and establish an Islamic state.

Throughout the prayers, the speakers were interrupted by the chanting, "with Jihad we raise flag of God", "Bin Laden Bin Laden, Martyr, martyr" and "Khayber, Khayber oh Jews, the army of Mohamed will come back" (Khayber was a battle fought in early days of Islam where Muslims emerged victorious against their Jewish neighbours).


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