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March 31, 2010

North Kivu, Congo

Anything will grow in the Congo. Yet people in North Kivu, eastern Congo are hungry.  In the years before 1994, everyone had a home and a garden which could produce enough to feed their family with a surplus to sell at the market.   People had neighbors, a school, a church, a medical clinic. No one could ever have imagined these days would come.
People told me how they were raped and tortured in their own homes, they have seen family members and neighbors butchered, precious possessions were stolen. And so,   throughout the region people are in flight. But nowhere is safe.  A mother in a refugee camp told me she has moved  10 or 15 times, she has lost count.  As we stood in the camp, many hundreds or thousands of refugees were gathered, eager to get onto the UN busses and trucks who would take them to yet another location. The camp was now on a new front line of warfare between Rwandan militia groups and the Congolese army.  Armed men in uniforms had come to this camp around 5 PM on three consecutive evenings to rape women and girls.  They even raped a one year old baby.
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