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July 8, 2010

Investors against genocide

A new market research study has revealed that 88% of Americans would like their mutual funds to be genocide-free. For those earning $50,000 or more, that percentage climbs to 95%.

This confirmation of overwhelming support for genocide-free investing should be very significant to financial advisers well as to consumers of financial products. Click http://investorsagainstgenocide.net/IAGRequestWhitepaper.htm to check out Investor Against Genocide's "white paper". It highlights the high level of consumer interest in genocide-free investing and the genocide-free options that are now available.

This whitepaper on genocide-free investing includes sections on:
- The growing interest in genocide-free investing
- The market opportunity
- How investments are tied to the genocide in Darfur
- Problem mutual fund companies vs. genocide-free alternatives
- Suggestions for financial advisors

Some highlights of public opinion surveys demonstrate:
  • 84% of respondents say they will withdraw their investments from American companies that do business with companies that directly or indirectly support genocide.
  • 88% would like their mutual funds to be genocide-free.
  • 95% of those earning $50,000 or more would like their mutual funds to be genocide-free.
  • 82% say they would advise friends, family and co-workers against buying products or services, or investing in American companies that invest in a foreign company that directly or indirectly provides revenue to a government that perpetrates genocide.

The white paper details how the investment landscape changed dramatically during the last year as leading mutual fund companies, after engagement with IAG, decided to offer clear, mainstream alternatives for Americans who wish to keep their savings genocide-free. The positive steps taken by American Funds and TIAA-CREF stand in stark contrast to Vanguard, Fidelity, and Franklin Templeton for making no commitment to genocide-free investing and continuing to hold large investments in companies, such as PetroChina, linked to genocide.

There are new ways to support the movement toward genocide-free investing:
If you have a financial adviser, please tell them about the white paper. Consider setting up a meeting to discuss whether genocide-free investment options may be right for you.
Help spread the word via your social media profiles.
If you haven't volunteered to submit a shareholder proposal and you own at least $2,000 worth of a mutual fund that has not yet committed to genocide-free investing, you can now help to force the companies to address this issue.

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