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July 8, 2010

Message from the refugees

Darfuri refugees in the Chadian camps say "security" continues to be the major concern. They say they cannot feel safe because of daily harassment by the Sudanese government's spies, Janjaweed and other groups wearing army uniforms. Chadian authorities are incapable or unwilling to provide security. The UN peace keepers, Minurcat, cannot cover all the camps and in any case, Chadian president Deby has ordered them to leave in the fall. This is a result of the recent reconciliation between Deby and Sudanese president Omer Al-Bashir. Sudanese Army Forces, Chadian rebels ( supported by the Sudanese government) and marauders of all kinds can easily enter the camps and they do so on a daily basis.

Now enduring their eighth year in the camps, the refugees are deeply upset that there are no schools beyond fourth or seventh grades for their children.

The refugees express their ongoing distress that the women are being raped when they leave the camps to gather fire wood.

They express concern that the meager rations of food distributed by the UN are insufficient to meet daily needs, particularly those of the children.

Medical treatment remains a real challenge for the refugees. A few organizations including MSF are there but in very limited areas.

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