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December 9, 2010

Blog from Port au Prince, Haiti

Good thing I arrived when I did because today the airport is shut down for a second day.
The violence in Port au Prince is an expression of the people's outrage and frustration over the election, which is widely believed to be fraudulent.
Former first lady Madam Manigat got 31% of the votes, and -what has really inflamed the people- the Preval-backed candidate, Jude Celestin is said to have received 22.45 % of the votes. Nobody here believes this is anything other than fraud. There is no shortage of accounts of ballot box stuffing. The candidate of the people is Michel Martelly aka Sweet Mickey who is said to have received just 21.24% of the votes. To win the election a candidate must have 50% so there will be a run off. I was in one of the tent camps when Sweet Mickey came on the radio. Everyone was listening. He called for continued protests but asked people to stay calm and not to resort to violence. Hopefully they will heed him. We saw a man who has been shot in the leg. People were throwing rocks, setting fire to cars and barricading the streets with burning tires. When gunshots were heard and men carrying big sticks and clubs joined the march along the main street, many of the women left.
I am having problems sending photos but will catch up when I get back.
I have stories of some of the courageous women living with their children in tents. Anne Marie with her 10 children in a 10x12 tattered tent. And of one man, a Catholic Brother who, 35 years ago created something wonderful which continues to change the lives of thousands. No time now. Hopefully we will be able to out of Port au Prince to visit an orphanage supported by Free the Children.
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