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December 10, 2010

From Port au Prince, Haiti

5am Friday
Things here seem to be deteriorating . Information via UNDP and the radio is that candidate Celestine's supporters in Cite Solei have received a large shipment of 9mm guns. Unless the three candidates come up with a solution tonight, it is likely that armed men will take to the streets. The result will be further suffering for the people as Haiti regresses 10 years and returns to civil war .
Yesterday's hour or so drive to Carfour Orphange was eerie. Luca was driving, fast. His wife Erin held their 6 week old son, Craig, between us. Two other cars with the Canadian crew followed. We were a convoy of three vehicles. There were no other cars on the roads, only an MSF vehicle also halted by a road block. The streets are strewn with rubble and burning things. I saw very few women but many men, just standing about, or creating more firey road blocks.
Tense moment when a gang of angry men, perhaps drunk, surrounded our car, shouting, demanding. But Luca, not a man to lose his cool, somehow turned things around and eventually enlisted the men's support for our journey to the orphanage. One by one they began lifting rocks, moving the barricades and we were off. Today, all told, we encountered dozens of roadblocks. Maybe 50.

We learned that a friend of Erin and Luca has been shot by supporters of Celestine.The airport is shut down. Also the banks, schools-everything. The hotel has to ration water -two hours today. And they have run out of fruit, vegetables and juices. Talk has turned to how we will be able to get out of Haiti safely . For now we stay on schedule and leave for a school -some 3 hours drive into the countryside- built by Free the Children. The challenge may be leaving the city. Hopefully the night was calm.

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