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December 16, 2010


Hinche General Hospital has one of the largest in-patient cholera treatment centers in the region. Since Oct. 23, when they received their first cholera case, the hospital has cared for over 3,500 patients. Just 27 died.
Dr Prince, supervisor of the cholera wards, greeted us by touching forearms, a precautionary greeting in Haiti's handshake culture. Craig and I had come with cholera medicines and supplies from FTC and told Dr Prince that a huge container with $2.8 million worth of meds is currently being shipped to the hospital.

The cholera wards are a series of military tents set up behind a fence on the hospital grounds. This separate unit prevents the spread of cholera to the HIV/AIDS and maternal health wings.
As we entered, our shoes were sprayed with disinfectant and Dr. Prince walked us through the units for children, women and men. Dr Prince told us that the number of new cases had halved in the past week, but that, he supposed is because people are afraid to take to the roads because of the violence. So they are dying in their homes instead of coming to the hospital.

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