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December 12, 2010

Partners in Health

We just visited one of Paul Farmer's /Partners in Health hospitals. In 1987, Paul, along with Ophelia Dahl and Jim Yong Kim launched Partners In Health in Cange, in the middle of in Haiti. The PIH hospital here provides free treatment to patients.

In addition to his hospital in Haiti, Farmer oversees projects in Russia, Lesotho, Malawi and Peru and in Rwanda where he lives much of the time. We first met on a flight from Kigali to Uganda.

To contain the cholera, the patients are not in the main hospital but in a series of army tents. With the airport, ports and many roads closed, the doctor says they have medicines enough for just 2 more weeks.
Forseeing the violence that could accompany the elections, Dr Prince, who oversees the cholera wards, had, along with several colleagues, publically called for the candidates to postpone the elections until after the epidemic subsides. All of the candidates refused. This says a lot about the priorities of these candidates. They put their own ambitions above the needs of the people and with this decision lives are being lost. The roads are not safe and people who desperately need treatment are unable to get here. A person can die in the first 4 hours.

I can't send photos but will soon.

We are setting out for the Dominican Republic, a 12 hour drive, but hopefully we will be able to fly out of the airport there tomorrow

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