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September 3, 2011

Dadaab-the most desperate place on earth

The Dadaab refugee camp on the Somali border is still the most desperate place on Earth — long after the A-list TV journalists have gone home.

Dadaab refugee camp on the Somali border:

CNN's Anderson Cooper and the other A-list TV journalists are long gone from Dadaab refugee camp on the Somali border. The huge satellite dish, which enabled live broadcasts, was packed up last week and trucked away.

Relief workers told us their hearts sank as the dish departed. Much more than a journalistic tool, it had been a beacon of hope. As long as the stories of drought and death were being transmitted, help would surely come: donations, food, and the world's compassion.

But what will happen now? This is still the most desperate place on Earth, and the situation is deteriorating-

Without further delay governments must make good on their pledges to the World Food Program. And each of us should do what we can before millions of the world's most vulnerable people perish.

Fifty cents can sustain one person for one day.

Craig Kielburger and I visited Dadaab with UNICEF. Here is link to the piece we wrote http://www.timescolonist.com/news/Farrow+Refugees+outnumbering+hope+desperate+Dadaab+camp/5342816/story.html

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