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August 27, 2011


I do not have the words to adequately convey the suffering and anguish of the people at Dadaab. Many have asked how they can help. In a prior blog I listed some of the great relief organizations working to sustain those famine victims who managed to reach the refugee camp. I have scarcely blogged over the past weeks because I feel that the famine here in the Horn of Africa must be the priority. The organizations I listed ARE heroes and deserving of our support. But at the time I didn't know that the World Food Program, sole supplier of food for the refugees, does not have the funding to cover this catastrophic humanitarian crisis. Without further delay governments MUST make good on their pledges, and each of us should do what we can, before millions of the world's most vulnerable people starve to death.

As I write this blog, a hurricane of unprecedented force will soon strike my own country, including my home state of Connecticut. I pray that my family, friends and everyone from North Carolina to New England will be safe.

It is more than evident that the weather around the world is changing. Vast areas here in Africa, where people have always farmed and raised their livestock, will need to find new methods of surviving. The long term solutions lie in helping poor farmers to plant crops that can withstand droughts, implement methods of irrigation to utilize the rainfall when it comes, and help to find more effective ways to store grains. But this is an emergency. Yesterday I saw too many children for whom help came to late.

So remember that just fifty cents can keep a person alive for a day. Imagine if everyone gave one dollar. if you are able to give anything at all- for now and over the next few months- please donate to the World Food Program

This is a defining moment for all of us.

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